At the end of April pupils of school no. 79 came to the office of S&K Vertikal for a meeting within the context of the program “CLASS LAWYER”

2 May 2012
At the end of April, pupils of school no. 79, Kalininsky district, St.-Petersburg, came to the office of S&K Vertikal for a meeting within the context of the program “CLASS LAWYER”.

It is to be recalled that “CLASS LAWYER” is the program of partnership between professional lawyers and school students, to help them to get a better understanding of lawyer profession, of how the judicial system works. School students will also develop skills of analysis, public speaking, and team work. The Program is implemented by the St. Petersburg Institute of Law n. a. Prince P. G. of Oldenburg and the Center for legal and civic education “Zhivoye Pravo”.

School students had an "excursion" around the office. Then a tea party was held, during which they got familiar with the structure, main practices and the staff of the company. Managing partner Sergey Slagoda delivered a brief commencement address to competitors.

Afterwards lawyer Nadezda Mukhina continued to train students for the 7th Regional Moot Court Competition n. a. Prince P. G. of Oldenburg: they analyzed a case relating to criminal law and legal responsibility of minors.

Nadezhda told the students about the structure of domestic judicial system, and it is important to know the time and place of the crime, and the age of participators. Students quoted the relevant facts relating to the case, and asked numerous questions.

At the very end of April the Competition will be held where the team of the school no. 79 will participate. Therefore students have to prepare for the event: gain insight into legislation and the case, find additional materials, invent evidence for prosecution and defense, and compose speeches to lay before the jury.

The law firm S&K Vertikal will help students prepare for the Competition.

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