Liubov Duyko is recognized as the Lawyer of the season by «Delovoy Peterburg» business newspaper

30 October 2014

«Delovoy Peterburg» presents its «The Lawyer of the Season - Summer 2014» ranking reflecting the level of recognition of lawyers by their peers.

Pro Bono cases (cases for public interest — eds.) have received the most considerable recognition within the legal community. The vast majority (45 per cent) of the ranked colleagues gave their votes in favor of Lyubov Duyko, S&K Vertical partner for winning an unprecedented sum of 15 million Rubles for her client Irina Razina in a malpractice case against the First Med.

Любовь Дуйко

Pen & Paper partner Alexey Dobrynin won the second place in a breakthrough on the last day of voting (18% of the votes); this summer he successfully obtained posthumous acquittal in a high-profile case of 15-year-old schoolboy Nikita Leontiev killed by police officers.

The drama in the cases submitted for ranking by Lyubov and Alexey, of course, could not but touch the voters. And so it is not surprising that other cases, among which there are some extremely funny and amazing, have not received such a massive approval colleagues. For example, Valentina Talimonchik of "Legal Studio" reported that she won a case in an international commercial arbitration against the Senate of the Republic of Madagascar that owed the Russian firm penalties for sublease in the amount of $ 3.5 million arising out of the lease of a building of the Russian Federal Property Management Agency in Madagascar. Valentina’s matter of merit in the case is the amount of penalties (they were adjudged at commercial rates, rather than the state rates), but there is something else that truly surprises us.

It is a bit pity that another interesting case also remained in the shadow – the case by Konstantin Galkin of "LexKledere consulting", who provided his clients "Fosagro" and "Ultramar" with an idea as to how to save 1.5 million euros in a purchase in Europe of 2.5 thousand cargo containers for a new logistics company. The investor gave loan to a related company in Latvia, which bought the containers and transferred them to a Russian company in leasing (that reduced the payments for the importation of the containers into the country). Besides containers were delivered as packaging that virtually nullified the transportation expenses. But the rules are the rules: we never interfere with the lawyers’ peer voting.

It is also worth noting that there are certain "upgrades" within the inner content of the Ranking. Besides the traditional rankings such as the "Inside" (where we seasonally poll judges on anonymous basis as to a particular topic), "To the barrier!" (where we inquire into the high-profile corporate wars from the perspective of the lawyers who participated in them on one side or another), two new "Major lawsuits" and "The biggest bankruptcy of the season." In these rubrics, our correspondents will try to find out which law firms (and most importantly - how successfully) assist in the actions for recovery of large debts and represent key insolvency clients and their creditors. 


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