Lyubov Duyko, Partner Chair of the Board of Partners, was awarded as the Expert of the Year in Social Expertise

11 April 2014

expert sz.jpgExpert of the Year (Ekspert Goda) is an annual award announced by the North-West Expert magazine and designed to discover new names in various areas of social activities in the region.

In an official ceremony, the North-West Expert has awarded seventeen experts from St. Petersburg as Experts of the Year. The best ones were elected by the expert panel composed of the award winners of previous years. The policy of the Award states that the Expert of the Year shall be a person, whose contribution in the development of his or her enterprise or industry, or equally of the city or of the region, receives the highest recognition from professional communities as well as from the general public (if the person’s area of work presupposes certain publicity). The event gathered around 200 people, whose names are very well known not only amongst professionals, but in the general media too.


Oleg Tretyakov, General Manager of the North-West Expert, opened the formal part of the ceremony. He greeted the guests of the evening and extended his thanks to the expert panels who determined the winners among tens of nominees in each category. Roman Romanyuk, chief editor of the magazine, has reaffirmed that the Award gathers the most competent and successful specialists in their sphere every year. He wished good luck to all nominees and proceeded to deliver the first award.

Expert of the Year in Social Expertise.

In the category of Social Expertise the prize went to Lyubov Duyko, the Legal Affairs Deputy Chair of the Central Council of the All-Russian Society of Environmental Protection (ASEP). She received a diploma and a commemorative token from Oleg Tretyakov. The panel emphasized her social contribution in the area of environment. Apart from her activity as an attorney, Lyubov supervises the 90th anniversary of the oldest society of the ASEP in the North-West Region. She represents the strategic partnership of the ASEP with the Center of Environmental Projects “Balance” and is planning to hold a number of large events aimed at the development of the ECO-culture in Russia. She also took part in the Fifth International Forum “Ecology” within the framework of the “St. Petersburg – the Maritime Capital of Russia” under the auspices of the Year of the Finnish Gulf; at a round table of the Forum, Lyubov has delivered an address headed “The Measures Aimed at the Development of Social Environmental Controls”.

Roman Romanyuk congratulated the winners and wished the nominees and the guests of the Award good luck in the coming year. In an informal part of the reception, the audience kept on interacting with each other, greeting the winners and exchanging useful business contacts. The next ceremony of the Expert of the Year Award will be held less than in twelve months.

«Эксперт Года»

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