China’s Code of Civil Procedure was translated Into Russian, with support of S&K Vertical, for the first time ever

11 March 2014

Today it is no secret that China is a profitable and promising partner for all the major economies of the world. Russia is no exception. Any economic cooperation requires a legal framework. Legal regulation is necessary for creative things such as access to the relevant market for Russian or Chinese companies, commercial contracts, production management, etc. At the same time, there are conflicts and administrative barriers, including the problem of recognition and enforcement of judgments of state courts and arbitral awards.

Thus, the conclusion is that in Russian-Chinese economic relations there is a very urgent need for accessible and understandable legal aid. For those who provide legal assistance in this area, the need is to have a quality and reliable information about the basic regulations of the State. This is important for both the Chinese and the Russian side.

Taking part in the publication of the Code of Civil Procedure of the PRC in Russian, we tried to start "filling the gaps" in the legal information on China and we hope that it will benefit our fellow lawyers and our clients.


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