The Law Section Awards Ceremony of the Lomonosov MSU International Academic Conference has been held with support of S&K Vertical

10 April 2014

On 7-11 April in Moscow State University named M.V. Lomonosov the traditional International Academic Conference for Students, PhD Candidates and Young Scholars has been held within the framework of the International Academic Youth Forum “Lomonosov”.

S&K Vertical as a sponsor has presented for the winners of the Law Section of the Conference the Chinese Code of Civil Procedure published in Russian for the first time ever. Mikhail Ilyin, on behalf of S&K Vertical delivered a welcome speech at the Law Section Awards Ceremony.


The main aims of the conference are the development of creative activity of young researchers and their engagement in solving important issues of modern science, preserving and developing the common educational and academic space of the CIS countries, starting contacts between future colleagues. This year the conference was held in 32 sections and more than 300 subsections reflecting the main directions of modern fundamental and applied sciences.

Law Section at the Lomonosov Conference gathers traditionally more than 300 speakers from various countries and has become one of the most popular in recent years. The section includes 25 subsections and several round-tables. The attendees were the students (seeking specialist, bachelor or master degree), PhD candidates and young academics under 35 years old. This year the section gathered 950 academics from 14 countries. Among them were Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Iran, Serbia, Romania, Vietnam and Indonesia. Participants were chosen in competition and demonstrated excellent results, and they can for sure feel themselves the best ones. They presented interesting talks and engaged in discussions on important and problematic issues of law theory.


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