Andrey Mikonin spoke at the 5th Legal Forum “Legal Outcome of 2013: Laws and Business” organized by Kommersant

20 December 2013

On 18 December 2013 Law Faculty of St. Petersburg State University hosted the 5th Legal Forum “Legal Outcome of 2013: Laws and Business”. The moderator as always was Executive Vice-President of Gazprombank Alexey Chichkanov and General Director of Kommersant in St. Petersburg Maxim Efimov.

For the years of its existence the Legal Forum has become an authoritative communication space for law professionals. In the business atmosphere that was ideal for constructive debate on current issues, Andrey Mikonin along with other senior lawyers of the leading law firms and representatives of government discussed the merger between the Supreme Court and the Higher Arbitration Court and how it will affect business and the judicial system of the Russian Federation.

The meeting opened by Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of the Law Faculty of Law Marina Lavrikova discussing international rankings of universities and the call to participate in the voting audience to maintain the high status of the faculty, which is the main platform for legal training St. Petersburg

While the State Duma approved the bill on creation of the unified Supreme Court, speakers also commented on this issue. Alexey Chichkanov said that “it will be very sad if we lose the experience and approaches of the Higher Arbitration Court”. As he said, it would be advisable to improve the system “in a manner that are not so revolutionary”.

Andrey Mikonin stated on the bill as follows:

“Russia is one of the few countries, if not the only one, that has four consecutive effective court instances all recognized by the ECHR as effective court instances. In this sense I find unfounded the fears expressed by the colleagues that the Higher Arbitration Court after reorganization will lose the status of an effective judicial remedy, i.e. its decisions will become rare and relinquish their current importance. This can be considered as arranging the system in such a way that three consecutive court instances will be enough, this is a normal practice worldwide”.

Besides that speakers discussed the specificity of the legal market in St. Petersburg and growing competition between Russian and international companies. One of the speakers presented his theses as to the main amendments in the law in 2013 and as to the forecast of their effect on the St. Petersburg legal market.

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