Lyubov Duyko took part in the X World IOC conference on sports and environment

20 November 2013

October 30 - November 1, a significant forum was held in Russia. The venue for the meetings of environmentalists, scientists, experts, international observers, athletes, public and political figures from various countries was a convention center, built within walking distance of the Olympic Park.

Participants of the tenth conference discussed the role of sports activities in the economic, environmental and social performance. Moderators and speakers were the experts of UNEP, Russian Ministry of Environment and the organizers of the Summer and Winter Games in Vancouver, London and other Olympic capitals.

The business program included a round-table, devoted to the environmental legacy of the Olympic Games in 2014. Participants discussed the "green" technology, developed in Russia and abroad and applied during the Olympic construction in Sochi.

During the meeting it was noted that in Sochi first introduced on a large scale in the construction practice of environmental "green" standards used in construction of ultra-modern buildings.

The conference was also on compensatory activities carried out within the framework of the large program of environmental support the Games in 2014. It includes a number of areas, including the restoration of natural landscapes, making compensatory planting of trees and shrubs instead of those seized in the territories of Olympic construction, as well as restoration of the ecosystem of river Mzymta, expansion of existing protected areas and creation the new ones and recreation of the population of Persian leopard.

Within the Conference there was also a presentation of the third IOC Program of Recognition called "Sport and Environment", the awarding ceremony in the "Sport and Environment" competition as well as the IOC press conference by the IOC for accredited media representatives.

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