IFLR 1000 international ranking once again recommends the S&K Vertical’s bankruptcy, debt restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, banking law and capital markets

9 October 2013

The recent international ranking of IFLR 1000 that publishes on annual basis the rankings of leading law firms in the area of financial law and corporate law named S&K Vertical Law Offices as a “powerful team offering legal services of highest class” and “S&K Vertical offers highly professional consultancy that is not only legally correct but also perfectly understandable for the client and applicable for business aims.


In Russia S&K Vertical Law Offices is recommended in four areas of law, including mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, banking law and restructuring and bankruptcy.

The ranking notes especially on the work carried out by the S&K Vertical senior partner Konstantin Krutilnikov. According to one of the clients, Konstantin Krutilnikov has a fantastic legal and business experience. It is emphasized as well that he is also the expert in corporate law, M&A transactions and in bankruptcy. In his work Konstantin acts strategically and practically, and his advice is always effective and highly professional.

The firm’s managing partner Sergey Slagoda is especially remarkable in the sphere of capital markets. “Sergey Slagoda is perfectly knowledgeable in this area” – the clients say. “Sergey is also a perfect mediator. Sergey’s extremely high level of professionalism and his creative approach guarantee that any problem will be solved brilliantly for sure.”

The firm’s restructuring and bankruptcy group is distinguished as the most noticeable amongst the financial and corporate practices. “This is a strong team achieving considerable success in disputes and mediation.” – says one of the clients. S&K Vertical is successful in cooperating with debtors, which is not that easy in realities of Russian business. Moreover S&K Vertical is managing this process.” Clients also emphasize that S&K Vertical managed to “unite in the company the people sharing common views and values”, and that even the junior lawyers in projects are perfect professionals and interesting persons.”

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