Lyubov Duyko and Sergey Slagoda became members of the central council of the All-Russian public organization “All-Russian Society of Environmental Protection”

27 June 2013

On 20 June the All-Russian public organization "All-Russian Society of Environmental Protection" held a congress that elected the Central Council - its main governing body; the Council included the Partner Chair of the Board of Partners of S&K Vertical Law Offices Lyubov Duyko and the firm’s managing partner Sergey Slagoda.


"All-Russian Society of Environmental Protection" (ASEP) has existed since 1924 and has since continued to successfully develop and strengthen cooperation with regional committees of environmental protection, environmental funds, governmental and non-governmental organizations and local authorities.

ASEP has its offices in all the regions of the Russian Federation and combines the aggregate of potential of scientists and specialists in various branches of the economy. The oldest and very large public organization, it went down in history as the country's authoritative public movement for a safe and supportive environment and contributed greatly to the development of the initiative of citizens for its protection and wise use of natural resources.

Experience and knowledge held by the partners of S&K Vertical will strengthen the legal basis for ASEP.

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