Today, it is no secret that China is a profitable and promising partner for all the major economies in the World. Russia is no exception. 

Any economic cooperation requires a legal framework. Legal regulation is necessary for creative things such as market entry for Russian or Chinese companies, the conclusion of commercial contracts, the organization of production, etc. At the same time, there are conflict situations such as non-payment or failure to deliver under commercial or production contracts.

Chinese investors are often faced with various administrative barriers in Russia, while Russian investors are faced with the problem of misunderstanding in the PRC.

Thus, we can conclude that in the Sino-Russian economic relations, there is a very urgent need for an accessible and understandable legal advice. And as for the Chinese and the Russian side. In this case Chinese and Russian businessmen seeking legal advice, respectively in Russia or China, want to be sure that they first correctly understood. This concerns not only the language barrier - today a lot of businessmen and lawyers in Russia and China speak English. This is the mentality and traditions of doing business. It is very important for lawyers who are sort of guides in the business world in a different country, really understand the client and fully justify his expectations. We tried to fill these "gaps" and set a goal to be equally useful for Chinese businessmen in Russia and for Russian businessmen in PRC. As the Russian lawyers, we are well aware of Russian specifics. Our partners in China are experts in the specifics of the Chinese legal regulations and the Chinese business environment.

At the same time in Russia and in China, we use clear and acceptable to all international standards of legal service.

Throughout the years of practice attorneys and consultants of S & K Vertical implemented and continue to implement legal support in different Russian-Chinese projects.

Weunderstand the importance of NGOs in support of the Russian-Chinese relations and cooperate with the Representative Office of the Chinese Council for Promotion of International Trade in Russia. We are also engaged in various scientific and practical activities on the legal regulation of business activities in Russia and China. 

In 2010 we came to a conclusion about the necessity of opening 
our own office in Beijing.

Since 2011 S&K Representative Office of S&K Vertical operates in Beijing.