Strategy 9P

Strategy of 9P The Partners of the law firm S&K Vertical attach value to standardization of the unshakable principles that constitute the fundament of legal services. Innovative application of 9P principles contribute to our Clients' confidence in the quality of the legal services obtained that keeps them to entrust us with the solution of significant objectives.

Power of Law Principle

Law constitutes the basis of any legal issue and the fundament of our work. Knowledge and experience are primary both at personnel recruitment and upon the accomplishment of our mission to solve any obstacle posed to us. The lawyers of S&K Vertical are the professionals exactly in the sphere of law, and we are proud of possessing the status of legal experts.

Prevention Principle

Upon the accomplishment of the missions to solve the corporate conflicts we repeatedly assured ourselves that timely application to the lawyers would reduce the subsequent losses of our Clients and more often than not could decrease the possibility of the conflict itself. The above-mentioned rule relates also to the business process that does not concern the conflicts. S&K Vertical recommends to apply for legal consultation at the very origin of the company’s activity in order to analyze the potential vulnerability of the business. While solving the particular problem of the Client we always focus on revealing the preventive measures regarding the other legal issues that seem evident and important for us to pose an accent on.

Prognosis Principle

One of the primary rules of the contemporary lawyer is to take into account the long-term consequences of the solution suggested. S&K Vertical not only implements the tactical scheme but also predicts the way the actions suggested have an effect on the legal and other aspects of the Client company’s activity or of the individual within the short- middle- and long- term outlook. Even a brilliant solution is not worth a brass farthing in case it causes the change of the Client’s situation for the worse after a while. In this sense our mission is analogous to the one of the doctors who have to take the long-term result of the treatment and possible side effects of it into consideration.

Progressiveness Principle

The speed of changes in all spheres of modern life does not allow us to apply one and the same method and scheme year in and year out. The thesis above is to the same extent applicable into the legal sphere. Readiness to put forward a new, non-standard and in a number of cases exclusive legal solution constitutes one of the key S&K Vertical specialties. We have an experience in implementation of absolutely new legal schemes which fundamentally changed the allocation of powers in different disputable situations. Namely, the exclusive solutions enable the breakthrough but they require even more thorough analysis and elaboration. That is why we adhere to the rule formulated in the phrase “High standards of the non-standard solutions”.

Planning Principle

After analyzing the actual state of affairs, prognosis and coming to a coordinated decision we proceed to its implementation. But even the situation that requires an urgent interference, the accurate planning of actions is the only appropriate strategy contributing to timely and the most effective achievement of the result. The mere idea is only 5% of the solution. S&K Vertical establishes structural, easy to implement and intelligible for the client legal schemes and supervises their execution in accordance with the standards of the modern management.

Particular Principle

Even the most accurate plan may be deteriorated by lack of attention to the details. This is particularly relevant to jurisprudence, where a simple comma may serve as a key for the solution or cause the contrary result by entailing irretrievable consequences. We are demanding pedantry and proper order of ourselves. All the actions under the plan should be implemented with the most serious attention to the trivial details. Pedants may seem tiresome, however they namely are those professionals who rescue the whole companies by performing accurately planned steps and scrupulously elaborated solutions.

Pragmatism Principle

We use the instrument of law for the client’s sake and not for the sake of law itself. Even the most brilliant decision is of no sense in case it does not lead to the solution of the client’s problem within the proper terms and under admissible conditions for the client. There is no doubt that the result of the lawyers’ work is also influenced by the factors that are beyond their authority. Though the more the approach is pragmatic, and attention to the expediency is focused, the higher are the prospects for successful solution of any situation.

Personalization Principle

Execution of all the items of the 9P strategy excludes the possibility of template and impersonal cooperation with the client. S&K Vertical approach is based upon high extent of individualization of the implemented work, close personal cooperation, search for exclusive solutions. Real and not declaratory personalization of the legal services results in the establishment of partnership relations with the client and attachment of the last and principal unit in the mechanism of the 9P strategy.

Partnership Principle

We are interested in permanent cooperation with our clients as it not only contributes to detailed studying of the client company’s activity in order to provide the optimal recommendations, but also plants the seed of trust that is so important under the conditions of the modern Russian reality. Contemporary economics provides for active diversification and every new direction requires legal support. We are proud of having established a wide network consisting of our former and present clients, other law firms and companies contributing to the development of business.